Friday, February 10, 2006

Ridin' Round With Buddy

Jilda had to work today and I worked around the house till lunch. I then whistled Ol' Buddy up and we jumped in the truck for a mid-afternoon adventure. Most dogs I've had in my life will fight you tooth and nail if you try to put them in the truck because most of their truck rides turn out badly. Most of their rides take them to the vet and hey take a dim view of the vet. Mostly because they know that they will be poked, prodded, muzzled, drugged and sometimes cut on. All in all, not a good experience.
Buddy on the other hand, gets to ride up to Smith Lake to look for trout or take a leisurely cruise down to Dora and hit the drive-thru at Jacks where he usually gets a hamburger and fries. Afterwards we'll drive down through Old Dora and down to the backwater off the Warrior River. We walk out on the train trestle and dangle our feet over the creek and throw rocks and splash water on turtles snoozing on logs.
I spend a lot of time working and it requires focus which can become stressful. There's nothing like an afternoon riding around with Ol' Buddy to make it all right with the world.

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