Saturday, February 18, 2006

Signs of Spring

Even thought winter is throwing its best at us right now, I look out my window and see signs of springs. It started out with daffodils down on the terrace by the mail box and then some baby's breath. Today down by the barn I saw the yellow bells have started to bloom.
If the sun is warm for a few days, it will coax out the peach and apple trees but the persimmon tree in our front yard has never been fooled. Each year, I think the tree has died because most all the other trees in our yard have budded out and things are beginning to turn green.
The persimmon tree is like the wise old farmer who waits until the almanac says that frost is over before putting seeds to ground. It seems to be saying, yes I could get a head start and bear fruit a few weeks early, but I think I'll wait a while just to be sure. More times than not there will be a late frost and all the early fruit is bitten.
You can almost hear the persimmon tree say "you see there, I told you so."

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