Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Overalls

We’re back, we’re rested and we’re ready to play. The Overalls did not perform in 2005. We had family commitments that kept us close for the year but things changed and we are beginning to practice and work on a new show.
We did some soul searching and we have decided, after conferring with friends, to play our favorite cover songs to the show.
My Buddy Wes recommended Wayfaring Stranger and Landslide. Jackie and Kenna said that we should add “I just don’t look good naked any more.” What we’ve decided to do is to add the songs we do best and we’ll retain the original songs that we really love.
We should be ready by late spring or early summer to start gigging.
We’re excited and we hope all our friends will come out and support the new and improved Overalls.

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