Saturday, June 03, 2006

Double Rainbow

A thunderstorm moved through Birmingham last night as we ate dinner at Niki's. We had to dash to the car to keep from getting too wet even thought the setting sun had re-emerged from the threatening clouds. As we headed west on highway 78 into Adamsville, Jilda exclaimed WOW!!! I almost swerved because I couldn't see what she was seeing. She said pull over you've got to see this...she rarely gives bad advice, so I did.
Behind us was a double rainbow that you could see from end to end. It was remarkable. People driving by must have thought us crazy because the rain was still falling. Some even blew their horns but we just stood there transfixed by a rare gift from mother nature.
We are so immersed in television, movies, computers and advertising graphics these days that it is easy to let the "real thing" slip by unnoticed. I try to never let that happen.
Every time there is an eclipse, a comet, a meteor shower or other show put on by nature I make it a point to have a look.
In 1980 when I was in Mobile working for BellSouth (South Central Bell then) to clean up the city after Hurricane Fredrick we had the opportunity to drive across Mobile Bay to Fairhope one warm summer evening. We sat down at the state pier and listen to the tide slap the pilings gently on the moonless night. We sat on the edge of the pier dangling our feet off and enjoying the ambiance when we heard someone yell jubilee, jubilee.....and suddenly there was a lot of excitement from homes and businesses near the water. When we looked out at the already dark water and it grow even darker. We saw crabs, shrimp, flounder, sting ray, eels and other fish in swarms. The shallow water near the shore seemed be boiling. The people that lived there grabbed buckets, and nets and anything that would hold the fish and rushed down to the waters edge to gather a bounty of seafood. It was an instant party.
I read up on this phenomena afterwards and apparently Mobile Bay is one of only two places on the planet where this happens. Yes mother nature does strange and wonderful things. Never, ever miss an opportunity to witness one of her wonders.

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