Monday, June 19, 2006


I spent some of my vacation last week doing repair work around the house and cleaning off the screened porch. I replaced a rotted seal and fixed a screen that the dogs had torn. We painted the furniture and hung new plants. Several years ago we bought a fountain that sits next to the stairs outside and I'm listening to it now as I write. The sound of flowing water has a calming effect that can smooth the edges off a difficult day.
We have a string of Christmas lights around the porch which give it a festive serenity. I know this sounds strange but it works in an offbeat bohemian/redneck/artsyfartsy kind of way. I ran speakers out here so we can listen to soft music as we watch the evening fade to night. On days when we're fortunate enough to have a good breeze, the wind chimes provide the music. At times when the light is just right, it feels mystical.
It's the little things that make a home. I've known people who have big houses that are decorated like they came right out of Southern Living, but I could never bring myself to put my feet up. Most of our furniture is stuff we've collected through the years from our parents, grandparents and other relatives. An iron bed here, a oak table there, a chifforobe and a depression cabinet that's way older than me. The Arts and Leisure channel would call it Shabby Chic but it suits us just fine.
If you ever happen to be driving through Empire in the summertime, stop by. We can sit on the porch and drink some ice cold lemonade.

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  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Would you be interested in a porch contest?


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