Thursday, June 29, 2006


I have been absolutely slammed the last few weeks. When you have a lot on your plate, it's sometimes hard to figure out where to begin. It's like a log jam on the river. Nothing moves and things start to stagnate. With me, ideas come more slowly and it seems the things I actually do are half hearted which is unlike me. But what do you do? Well as my lovely wife counsels....just breathe. She says if your mind jumps to something you need to do, just pull it back into the "Now" an breathe. One thing that helps me is to pay attention to sensations in my body. Yes, there's an itch on my right eyebrow...a twinge in my stomach.....dang, I need to update the Dora website....STOP....breathe think about now. I can tell you, this is a lot harder than you might think. If you can go fifteen minutes a day grounded in the "Now" you are exceptional.
I think it's because of the velocity of life. You are constantly bombarded with messages on your computer, on the radio, magazines, newspapers, cellphones and conversation in the hall at work. There comes a time when you must shut it all down and reboot, to use a computer term. Like the computer, if you don't reboot occasionally threads of things unfinished hang around and jam up the machinery. That's how I feel now. So excuse me while I take a few minutes and reboot.

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