Monday, June 26, 2006

Tequila Sunset

Things started out pretty good this morning but began spiraling downward around lunch. We had what seemed like a simple little server that crashed but we soon discovered that a lot of big servers depended on the little one.
All of a sudden my pager started chirping off my belt....are you on top of this??????? Well no, I'm eating my balony sandwich.....cuss, cuss, cuss, fuss, fuss fuss, get the picture. I didn't leave work until almost eight tonight and the thing is still broke.
I was in the truck on the way home, my mind was buzzing trying to think of what I should do, what I should have done, and all the questions that will need to be answered....when I round a curve facing west and whoa Nellie. There was a sunset like I have not seen in some time.
I pulled the truck to the curb, pulled out my trustee camera and shot a photo. I'd rather you didn't share that little piece of information with my boss as he would take a dim view of me slowing down even to go to the bathroom much less shooting an artsy photo of a tequila sunset.
It's funny how you get all wound up worrying about things that won't really matter tomorrow when the Good Lord throws something at you to put it all in perspective.

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