Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday in Empire

My nephew Haven and his wife Alesha came by this evening to share some good news. They had just picked their first mess of purple hull peas from their garden. We sat and talked for a while so we asked if they would like to have dinner with us. They had not planned to stay but it seemed like the right thing to do so they did. Haven and I jumped in my truck and ran down to Sumiton to get two more steaks and a few more goodies.
Jilda cooked some vegetables and some potatoes while were were gone.....she also made a chocolate cake.
When we returned, Alesha was shelling the peas and her fingers were as purple as an eggplant. It tickles me that they have a garden. Most young folks I know would not bother. In fact I've heard more than one person say, "why do you grow can go to Publix and get all the vegetables a lot easier than growing them." What simple silly people they are. It's not about how cheap or how easy it is to get food at a super's understanding that if things were to get weird, you know how to do things for yourself. Plus, there's nothing quite like eating things you grow yourself. I'm proud of both of those kids. They both have great jobs and bright futures, but they are also grounded. They appreciate the good things in life.
Haven grew up next door and I had the good fortune to be apart of his life. He's not afraid of work, he has a good heart, he thinks for himself when it comes to politics and he had the good sense to find and marry a woman who is beautiful, smart, funny and doesn't take any crap...from anyone. It's a bonus that they both are fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide.
We don't have children, but if we did, I would be thrilled if they shared some of the qualities of Haven and Alesha.

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