Monday, January 29, 2007


I went to see the doctor this morning for my annual physical. He said I was in great shape, especially for a 65 year old. I told him he had transposed the numbers that I was actually 56 so he quickly changed the subject. I did get the distinct feeling that he thought my head had worn out two bodies.
I feel great, I explained but I told him my joints creak when I first stand in the morning, but they do much better after some of the bone grinds down and I have a cup of coffee. He stared at me intently as if he expected a third eye to appear in my forehead. I mentioned that I was also experiencing pain in the first joint of my left index finger. He suggested some medicine. I asked him if I would be able to play the piano. He said well sure that should not be a problem. That's a miracle I said because I could not play before. He quickly looked at his watch and said my gosh, look how late it's gotten and scrambled out of the room. The nurse came in a while later holding my prescriptions out to me at arm's length as if I were the UniBomber. I love it when my company changes our insurance and I get to break in a new doctor.
That reminds me of a doctor joke that I just love:
A man calls the doctor for an ailing uncle
MAN: Dr. my uncle needs to set up an appointment ASAP because he is very sick
DOCTOR: No I'm familiar with your uncle's case and I can tell you without a doubt that he's not sick, he just THINKS he is.
A few weeks later, the doctor sees the man on the street corner:
DOCTOR: How's your uncle?
MAN: He's much worse, now he thinks he's dead.

I heard that joke years ago and I just love it. Here's one more doctor joke before I sign off for the night:
A doctor needs a plumber to fix a problem with his toilet. When the plumber presents him with the bill the doctor exclaims "I'm a brain surgeon and I don't make this much money per hour!!!!"
The plumber said: "I know, neither did I when I was a brain surgeon."

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  1. We have a new doctor, and I went to see him about a rash on my face. He looked it over carefully, and decided it had to do with my razor. He asked "What happens if you don't shave?" I answered "I grow a beard." He looked at me as if I was crazy, so I said "Well, you asked."

    He decided I needed to stop shaving for a few days, so I asked him for a permission slip that I could give to my wife. Now, he knew I was crazy!


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