Sunday, January 14, 2007

Off to Joe Wheeler

We are about to head out to Joe Wheeler State Park. I'm not sure if they have Internet access so I figured I might better do an entry this afternoon.
We ran down to the store before lunch to get some bird seed and dog food. The weatherman is saying we could have some nasty weather early this week so we don't want our critters to go hungry. I could do without a few meals myself, but I'd prefer they not go hungry.
We took Ol' Buddy with us to the store as a peace offering because the state park doesn't allow pets and he'll be left home with the other dogs (he hates that) until tomorrow afternoon. The sun was warm so me and Ol' Buddy sat in the grass next to the parking lot and soaked up the sunshine. It felt good but the warm breeze out of the south usually brings rain and turbulent weather. We watched people come and go and when Buddy saw Jilda exit the store, it was all he could do to stay put. He knows he can't run across pavement so he kept look at me and squirming as if to say "there's mama, let's go get her!"
If there is an Internet connection at the park, I'll make an additional update tonight. If not, it will be tomorrow. By the way, if there are any buglers who read my blog, I'd think twice before burgling my house while we're gone. We are leaving Astro (seventy pound Doberman/Lab mix) in the house and he takes a dim view of visitors.

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