Friday, January 19, 2007

Some Good News for the Rickster

I love days like today. The sun is warm but the breeze out of the north keeps my black truck from singeing my eyebrows when I get in. My cell phone is acting up so I went to the phone store to see what was available for replacement. Even though I did not find a suitable phone, I did get out of the office and enjoy some fresh air.
In the past, air quality in Birmingham would never have been described as fresh. I can remember back in the sixties when U.S. Steel was blowin' and goin', those stacks spewed tons of smoke and ash into the air. Some mornings when fog rose over the city, it mixed with the haze to form smog and it hung over the city like a dirty blanket.
There is still a good bit of industry in the city and the fact that mass transit is almost non-existent causes problems on some days but for those of us who remember the old days, it's nothing.
I did get some good news today. Last week I approached the local newspaper about publishing some of my blog entries. I put together a portfolio and ran by to pitch the idea to the managing editor. I got a call back today to say they want to print the stories.
We also got a call from our young friend Josh Clark and he wants Jilda and I to collaborate with him on music for the stage. A friend of his has written a play that will be performed in the spring. He wants us to work with him on some original music for the production. We've never tried writing for the theatre before, but we are excited to have an opportunity to try.
I'll keep you posted.
Take care and have a great weekend.

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