Thursday, January 18, 2007

Heading West in August

We haven't been to California in a few years so we've been missing the left coast. Jilda called me at work today with good news. Paul Thorn, the blues artist that I've mentioned before in this blog, will be playing at the Monterey County Fair in August. Bingo! We have enough frequent flier miles for free airplane tickets and enough hotel points for at least one night's stay so we put it on our calendar in ink.
We made a friend a few years ago when we played the Wind & Cheese Songwriter festival in Napa Valley, California. Don McCartney was one of the arts council people who helped with the festival. As it turns out, Don is from the south too and we hit it off. He is a fabulous freelance graphic artist. He does commercial work and also sells some of the most beautiful water colors you have ever seen. Visit his site at
In an earlier blog entry, I mentioned that I had heard one of Paul Thorn's CD and was blown away. After listening to the loaner CD a few times, I logged on to Paul's site and bought the CD we had borrowed and another one as well. Since then, we bought his live CD. I cannot tell you how good this guy is. His lyrics are intelligent, and his melodies are strong. I'm not sure why this guy is not a superstar.
Visit Paul's site and see for yourself
We can't wait to head west in August.

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