Friday, January 12, 2007


I'm a big fan of positive thinking and positive attitudes. Anyone who has ever ridden with me would attest either by what comes out of my stereo speakers or by the CD covers that are always strewn on my seats. But lately we've taken it a step actually visualizing the desired result.
For example, we have been trying to sell the home of Jilda's deceased mother. It's been on the market for about a month and she selling if for a song, but we had no serious offers. Last week we both spent a great deal of time visualizing the house being sold to a nice family who would love and care it and make it a home.
Earlier this week we began to doubt our strategy and worried that the price would have to be lowered. On Tuesday Jilda had called me crying because the montly light and water bills had come due. It takes a chunk of her money each month to pay the bills and a small payment on the house. I reassured her that the house was fairly priced and that it would sell. She hung up the phone crying. Ten minutes later she called me back to say that the phone rang as soon as she hung up from talking to me. A young preacher and his wife were definitely interested in the house. She showed the house on Wednesday and he made an offer. There is still some paperwork and the legal stuff has to go through, but we feel really good about the house. Another buyer who had looked at the house a few weeks ago but said that she couldn't come up with all the money called today to say she had gotten the cash and wants the house. Two others called this evening to inquire about it. Did the visualization do this? It's hard to say and impossible to prove but we're really encouraged.
Visualization example two: I've been looking for a small portable mini disk recorder that will allow me to record interviews, jam sessions and sound rain on a tin roof. I also wanted to simplify the recording of meditations for Jilda. I have been looking for a few months now, but all the recorders were out of my range. The good ones were $400 and up. I had saved $200. I kept looking and never got discouraged. I visualized myself finding the perfect recorder for the amount of money I had saved. I went to a music store near where I work today during lunch. I asked to see the recorders. The clerk showed me a few recorders but they were all more than I could afford. He looked into the computer and said, "we have a couple in the back, let's have a look at them. When he returned, both recorders had price tags that were out of my range. The most expensive one listed for $435. When he scanned it, the computer said $199. I kid you not. It was so much below retail that he had to get a supervisor to approve the sale. I walked out of that store smiling.
Not sure if the visualization is a bunch of hooey or not, but I'm not taking any chances. I'm visualizing me and my lovely wife healthy and at our ideal weight. I'm visualizing all my friends happy and healthy. I'm visualizing my party barn and a nice European vacation. I'm visualizing world peace.
I'll keep you posted as to how these turn out.

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