Friday, March 28, 2008

Babby Sitting

Our nephew James and his wife Andrea got it a baby sitting bind this evening. He was shooting a wedding at 5 and his mother-in-law who had agreed to keep Breeze, came down with some kind of bug so he had to scramble around at the last moment to try and find sitters.
He gave me a call this afternoon and asked if we'd mind sitting. We're pretty much a sure thing because we are crazy about all his kids. I picked up some KFC on the way home and Jilda scooped up Breeze and brought her home. I arrived a few minutes later with the food.
Since she's been here, she's watched cartoons, had her fingernails painted, made sugar cookies (and has eaten a batch), painted colored, fed the fish, and petted all the dogs.
I'm headed in with the guitar to start singing some cartoon songs which I'll have to make up on the spot.
Gotta run. Duty calls.

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