Saturday, March 29, 2008

Y'all Come

I'm posting early tonight because The Overalls are playing and we won't be in before midnight. We are playing at Java & Jams which is the coffee shop at 321 20th street north. Feel free to run by if you're in the area. The food and coffee is very good and there is no cover charge. You can come in, get a coffee buzz, listen the the 'Alls and go home tapping your foot.
I'm still ailing from the back/kidney/???? condition. It comes and goes. Last weekend, I could barely walk. This weekend, I'm moving a little better but the problem has not gone away. I should be on my new insurance after Wednesday and I'll be able to see a doctor without having to get a second mortgage on the farm.
I picked up the lawn tractor today after fixing a steering problem and have it tuned up. It's running like the day I bought it. I'm going to cut some serious grass tomorrow.
Y'all come.

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