Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wild Turkeys

I guess this is the week for game. On the way home this evening a wild turkey walked right out in front of me just before I got to my driveway. It was broad daylight and wild turkey's are very skittish but this Tom waltzed out like it owned the highway.
It's turkey season now and he might have been fleeing the firing squad, but it looked more like he was shopping for supper.
I have not done any hunting since I was about sixteen. The last time I remember going, we were in Sumter County in South Alabama.
It was in late November and it turned out to be a miserable weekend. Once out on my stand, the rain came and soaked me to the bone. After the front moved through, the temperature started dropping and by mid-afternoon, the sky was spitting sleet and snow.
I found an old burned out a huge beech tree. Fortunately for me, there was a big opening in the trunk of that tree big enough for me to crawl up into and get out of the way of a steady breeze coming out of the north. I had already unloaded my gun and stood it beside me inside the stump. All I could think about was the roaring fire back at the hunting lodge but I knew it would be an hour or so before someone came back through to collect me.
I had almost dozed off when all of a sudden I heard a noise that sounded like a low flying chopper coming from the north. When it flew past, I saw that it was a giant Tom Turkey. It landed about a hundred feet directly in front of my stump and began looking around cautiously. I watched for a long while before I felt a sneeze coming. The instant I sneezed, the bird was airborne and quickly out of sight.
I came home with pneumonia and from that day on I was less enthusiastic about hunting.

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