Thursday, March 13, 2008


You’ll be interested to hear that Mossy is growing her tail feathers back. You may recall the saga I wrote about a few weeks ago where the pack of dogs converged in my yard hemming in one of our chickens. One of the mongrels proceeded to rip all her feathers out.

I managed to save the bird from the jaws of death and she has been my friend ever since. Whenever I go outside, she will run up almost close enough for me to pet her. Size is still a factor and she’s still not brave enough to get within arms length.

I got home last night before dark and she came running up to greet me. I kicked over a flat rock at the edge of the driveway and she hustled up to see if she could score a rolly-polly or a red worm. It’s still a little cool here so the critters are still hibernating but when Mossy came up close, I could see that her feathers were growing out nicely. She should be back to normal by late spring and not look like she was with General Custer and his last stand.

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