Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Engelbert Humperdinck

I was writing my weekly column today for the paper and I talked about the time when Jilda and I first started dating. Her mom and dad were devout Church of God members and they didn't allow any tomfoolery. We couldn't do a lot of the things our friends got to do because it was against the rules of her parents. Neither of us agreed with the rules, but we both respected them.
One thing that was allowed was we could ride around in my big red Chevy and listen to the eight track stereo.
Back then, the eight-track was state of the art in sound...at least around here. The old Chevy was big enough that with the right kind of speakers and the right song, it sounded like a cathedral inside.
I had all kinds of tapes. The Boxtops, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Jose Feliciano, Tom Jones and of course - Engelbert Humperdinck. Englebert had one heck of a voice and I played that tape until I wore it completely out. I had not thought of Englebert in many years until tonight.
I Googled him to get the correct spelling of his name and it appears that he's still at it. I'm betting he's had a hip replaced and used enough hair dye to float a battleship, but the old guys still looks good.

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