Sunday, March 30, 2008

Late Night

We played the gig last night and I thought we sounded as good as we've ever sounded. Our Buddy Fred took his equipment and did the sound for us and we got a lot of complements. I was thrilled. We've also gotten better at crowd interaction. Steve, the third Overall, has performed a great deal by himself over the past year or so and has become quite good with his stage presence but I've struggled a little with that aspect. Last night things seemed to gel.
I'm sitting on the screen porch writing this and I can see the blooms our dogwood tree are peeking out and should be out in force by the end of the week. But, it's still not swimming weather here in Empire. I'm wearing a sweater and sweat pants and it's still a little nippish.
We have a crab apple tree in our back yard and the blooms on it are peeking out as well. That is one beautiful tree when it come in full bloom.
I'm already yawning so I'm fairly sure it will be an early night at the Watson household.
Have a great week.

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