Monday, December 28, 2009

Book Stores

I'm writing this afternoon from Books-a-Million. I have no idea why, but I feel smarter when ever I'm in book stores. Perhaps it's the proximity to great works of fiction, poetry, history and periodicals. Maybe it's because that people who frequent book stores (I have no way of proving this) are smarter. Maybe it's the coffee buzz I always get when I visit my local book store.
As I pause and look around, there are literally hundreds of fascinating people staring at me from the covers of books.  Each book represents thousands of hours of work. Coming up with the topic, writing the words, editing, and laying out the books takes a great deal of time. That doesn't even take into account printing, shipping, and marketing the books. It's a huge undertaking.
I've started working on my next book. In fact, I've started several times. There are about a dozen stories careening around in my skull vying for position to become the next project.
The challenging now is deciding on the path forward. Which idea is right for this project?
I have plenty of columns for a second Book of Columns, but I really want the next project to be something that comes as a total surprise to my readers.
I'm off this week so it is my intention to make that decision and begin the mind mapping process. 
I've got to wrap up now, I'm having Jilda's Volvo serviced, so I had to take her to work this afternoon. It's a short day for her and I had a few errands so that's why I'm writing in the book store.
Have a great week.

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