Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I Need a Vacation

I'm listening to Scrooge now by Charles Dickens. I've watched the movie many times and I love that old film but the book is incredible.
Dickens' command of the language was deep as river which enabled him to paint a picture with his words that I'm sure made making the movie a cinch.
The more I learn about writing the more I want to learn. My only regret is that I did not start down this path much younger. So much to learn, so little time
Tonight I feel as though I've written myself into a corner. That was bound to happen since the most frequent topic about which I write, is me.
I've written so much about my life that people I've never met feel as if they know me. The truth is, anyone who has read my blog and my columns do know a great deal about the things I believe; the things I love, and the things that make me laugh.
The most difficult part of writing these days, for me, is thinking of fresh things to say. I sometimes think I'm saying something new, only to find out that a writer has written about the topic years before.
I need a vacation - to go somewhere I've never been, do something I've never done, taste something I've never tasted and see something I've never seen. I believe that new experiences open windows in your mind which all you to see things in different ways.
I'm off that last week of the year and it is my intention to do all of the above.


  1. Those other people who you say have written about every single thing there is to write about have written from their point of view. You are writing fom your point of view. Your words and take on things.

    Why don't you take a different route to work one day and write about that?

    Send me a reply address email I have something to say that won't fit in this comment box. Please.

    Ms Soup

  2. Hey Ms. Soup, my email address is
    Thanks for your comment.


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