Saturday, December 05, 2009

Early Snow

I woke up in the night to let one of the dogs out. As I looked in the light of the street lamp, I could see flecks of snow falling through the pine.
A while later when I let the pup back in, I could see the white stuff bending the bows downward. This morning, Jilda and I got out and took a walk. The air was still crisp and the snow was still falling a little.
I don't recall ever having a snow this early that stuck to the ground. Mind you, it was only about a quarter inch dusting, but beautiful just the same.
Our great nephew Jordan from next door walked over with his mom Samantha and we had a little snowball battle.
He's not quite two years old yet, but he was a loving the white stuff. When I'd throw a snowball at him he would dodge and then laugh uncontrollably.
He'd pick up the snowball and try to throw it back at me but they were sticking to his mittens.
Once back in the house, Jilda whipped up a cup of her world famous hot chocolate. Yum! We are getting ready now to go get us a live Christmas tree. Is there a better way to spend the first Saturday in December?

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