Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Todo Lists

I've spent this week handling a lot of little things that have been nagging at me for some time. Jilda's car needed some maintenance, our pooch Astro needed to see a vet, one of the showers needed some new caulk, and the laying boxes for the hens needed new straw. 
You get so caught up in the daily routine that when something breaks, or needs attention, you put it on your todo list. The tasks are important, but not urgent so you let them slide.
Because they are important, they don't just hang around on your list, they lurk in the back of your brain and come to mind when you're trying to sleep.
Before long, you have a long list of stuff to do and you won't get a decent night's sleep until you handle the stuff on the list.
During my time off this week, I have taken care of every important thing on my list so tonight, I expect to sleep like a baby.
The moon is 99 % full today so tomorrow night, will not only be the first blue moon on New Year's Eve since 1990, but we will also have a partial lunar eclipse. How cool is that? .

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