Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Tide

I woke up smiling this morning. I watched the SEC Championship game in amazement. The Tide spanked the Gators in front of a national audience. The camera's showed Tebow crying on the sidelines as time ticked down. He's caught a lot of flack and to be honest I jabbed him a little but I think it goes to show how much emotion he puts into what he does.
Last year when Florida won in the Championship game Tebow took the SEC Flag and ran around the stadium. When he was interviewed by the commentators, he said he worked up more of a sweat running the flag around than he did beating the Tide. That stuck in my craw, and I'm betting it wasn't lost on the returning players from Alabama either.
I am amazed by Coach Nick Saban. He has a philosophy and a methodology in his approach to the game. The University of Alabama caught a lot of flack for paying him more than any other college football coach in the nation at that time. But in three short years, he has brought something to the University that's been missing for years. He brought vision, pride, and a plan. He has convinced the "critical mass" of the team to buy in to the vision and it's working.
I truly believe that he could write a book on his approach to life and it would be a best seller.
OK, now I'm waxing philosophical and what not so I'll hush now and bask in the warm glow of victory.

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