Monday, December 14, 2009


The fog this morning was as thing as a fuzzy blanket. I had to drive slowly with my fog lights on.
The scenery looks "other worldly" in a thick fog. Almost like reality is just beyond you field of vision. I thought it would burn off, but this evening as I made my way home, it returned for an encore.
The worst fog I've ever seen was about five years ago. We'd been to our friend's Tom and Judy's house on the Warrior River. We started out slow but we assumed the fog would lift as we got away from the banks of the river. We were wrong. A drive that normally takes about forty minutes took over three hours. I felt like I'd been beaten with a rubber hose when we finally got home.
Anyhow, the weather gets a lot colder tomorrow and chase the fog off to where ever fog goes.

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