Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I Can Think of Worse Things

We had a great time this past weekend. We played three gigs and we wrote a song. On Saturday afternoon, I sat on the deck toying with a new melody on my friend Wes' guitar.  He listened as he tended a rack of ribs slow cooking on his grill.
All of a sudden he said, "Hey! I have an idea for a song that came to me while I was out on the road earlier this week and I think it will fit that melody." He grabbed a pen and his digital recorder.
We took everything out to the shade by the pool and starting writing the song. Jilda and our friend Fred came out to see what was going on and soon we huddled in a circle around a yellow legal pad. The song came together like it was metal shavings being pulled together by a magnetic force.   We finished it before leaving for the Art Council show.
There are a lot of songwriters that don't like to co-write, but I love it! Especially when I'm writing with a group of folks I enjoy being around.
We've written a lot of songs with Wes and Fred. Not everything we write will change the world, but some of them are really good. I can think of worse things than sitting around with friends and creating music.


  1. Sounds so idyllic.

    Never been able to write a song though.


  2. I always think collaborative art is wonderful - especially when done around a pool and bbq!!! Yay for you and Jilda and your talented friends! Good luck with this song! Take care x

  3. I can think of very few things better... :)

  4. Anonymous9:39 AM

    WOW! What an awesome way to spend an afternoon indeed. Both my husband and I are musicians so I totally get where you were at! Like you, I can think of worse things!

  5. Ken Owens1:43 PM

    Rick, thank God for the songwriters. They touch places in my soul at times; places I wasn't even aware existed. "Storms Bring Out the Eagles" comes to mind right away.
    Your song might not change 'The World' but it may change someone's world. Keep up the good work. I'll be listening.
    Your friend

  6. I might even be able to write a song if a tastey rib dinner was too follow! Sounds like a fun night!


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