Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Mother Nature's light show

I stepped outside just after sunset this evening to take some corn down for the deer. We haven't seen as many of our four-legged friends in our yard as in the past.  It seems they are being more stealthy during hunting season.
I'd stopped taking corn down in the fall because they naturally feed on acorns and the oaks dropped an abundance of their favorite food  this past fall.
But a few nights ago I took a scoop of corn down to the apple tree and this morning it was gone so I know they are still around.......but I digress.
As I stepped out the gate Caillou darted out for a few minutes of freedom.
I looked off to the west and the sky was stunning. Although the sun had already ducked behind the horizon, a jet flying five miles high caught the  rays. 
It left a contrail the color of peach sherbet trailing behind. I snapped a quick picture with my iPhone, but it doesn't do the scene justice.
I poured the corn out of the plastic container and headed toward the house. Caillou blew by me at warp speed and then turned around on a dime and headed back toward me. 
I tossed the plastic cup and he yipped with delight. He scooped it up on a run and brought it back to me. 
I threw the cup until my arm got tired, but I think the young collie would have played all night.
On another note, I read that tonight at 2 a.m. Central time that shooting stars will be buzzing across the sky at the rate of over 200 an hour. 
I think we'll make an early night of it tonight, set the clock and get up to have a look. I try to never pass up a chance to see one of Mother Nature's light shows.


  1. You paint, or write, a very comforting and pleasant picture of a nice winter evening. Hope you see a good show in the sky tonight! I would find it difficult to get out of my warm bed at that hour!

  2. I'm sure you will enjoy the star show. I've seen a few up here in Canada.

  3. Enjoy your star show. I'll probably be snoozing tonight. Lovely image - your phone camera did a pretty good job.

  4. I always get up to watch shooting stars or whatever show Mother Nature is putting on. The best one was several years ago when I was up at 2am watching the comets and my daughter was laying on a beach in Oahu watching the same comets. We were able to talk while we watched and its been a good memory. Your picture was beautiful!

  5. Wow that was an amazing story! You could publish a book! :)


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