Friday, January 20, 2012

Rhythm of the Sea

Our friends Wes and Deidra who live on the other end of the state were in town tonight so we met them in Birmingham for dinner.
Both of them are going through difficult times with their parents. They know they can talk to us, because we've been there too.
It's been too long since we've seen them, and the piece of time we had with them tonight was much too short. We're getting our calendars together to plan a week at their place in Destin, on the Gulf of Mexico.
We'll build a bonfire in the sand and play music to the rhythm of the sea....and watch the sun rise over the water.


  1. Destin, FL? That's where my daughter in law is from! Actually Niceville, but Destin is right there. Never been there myself, but it looks beautiful - white sugar sand!

  2. Sounds lovely!!! Take care

  3. Your planned trip sounds wonderful. Have a great time - and maybe share a picture of that bonfire?

  4. @Karen, yes Destin, Fl. The beaches are remarkable.
    @Belle, there's always room for one more :)
    @Kitty, thanks.
    @Patsy, we will shoot pictures you can count on that.
    Thanks all.

  5. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Something to look forward to.

  6. I read this post, then looked outside at the 5in. of snow we got last night and thought..."yeah, a warm beach, a fire, a sunset...sigh"..sounds like a great plan!

  7. That sounds just wonderful, would swap with cold grey wet weather we are having at present.

  8. Your a good friend. sandie

  9. "play music to the rhythm of the sea....and watch the sun rise over the water." What an idyllic scene you paint.

  10. Break my heart...I grew up going to the Florida beaches in a place called Dune Allen. The Allen's were friends of my parents, actually the senior Allen's were friends of my grandparents and then the Jr's became friends. Anyway I love the Destin area. Beach Music!

  11. How wonderful when you have friends to share life's ups and downs. Hope you have a great time :-)

  12. @ Sush, I know exactly where Dune Allen is. Our friends also have a house there....well, in Blue Mountain which is very close to Dune Allen.
    I love that area, but it's grown a great deal in the last several years.
    @ Li, we have some great friends. They do help you get through the hard times.

  13. That's beautifully written, Rick. Out of the cradle endlessly rocking.

    Janie Junebug


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