Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Rain

I have several deadlines looming so I put on the coffee and since the temps last night and early this morning were dancing with 70 degrees, I headed to the screen porch for some early morning writing.
I think I'm closer to the creative vortex out there. I can hear birds, see squirrels, and mother nature plays a symphony on the wind chimes.
The atmosphere felt a little unstable. One may ask how you tell when the atmosphere is unstable, but anyone living in Mississippi, Louisiana, or Alabama can name that tune in one note.
The sky turns an erie shade of gray-green, and the upper level winds sound like the surf of an angry sea.
After an hour on the porch, I began to hear thunder in the distance, so I quickly found a stopping place, packed up the laptop and headed inside.
Jilda had just begun to yawn when I poured her a cup of coffe and called up the weather radar on her iPad.
Fortunately, we were at the tail end of the storms so all we got was a drenching winter rain. A while later, the sun was out and it looked like springtime in the south.


  1. Anonymous8:21 PM

    ahhhh, dancing in the 70's temps, sounds wonderful we are stomping in the wayyyyyy below zero trying to keep our feet warm!
    I love a storm but I think living where you do one learns a far healthier repect than we in Northern canada, we have never had a tornado or hurricane in our area, we won't see a thunderstorm for another 4 0r 5 months,
    be safe, have a great weekend.

  2. Despite the rain, I would trade places anytime. We are cold here -temps in the teens with snow and ice. I could use some of that 70 degree weather.

  3. 70s sound good to me. We are supposed to get freezing rain tomorrow. Not looking forward to that. I'd take your rain though.

  4. After the constant days of grey rain, this sounds wonderful.

  5. here too. much as I love warm winters, this is too soon.

  6. Cloudy, rainy looking sky here, but 77 degrees with a brisk wind. Perfect day for taking a fast -paced walk. What great weather we've had this January. No excuse to huddle under blankets and be lazy today. ;-0

  7. 70 degrees....I'm sitting here soooo jealous!!

  8. I think your rain might be headed my way. It was cloudy and overcast almost all day, but still about 80 degrees.

    Janie Junebug


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