Thursday, January 12, 2012


I noticed a weather advisory pop up on my laptop as I worked this morning. Hmmm, I thought. When I checked the weather, it was a wind advisory.
When I looked out the window, the trees were as still as a Cezanne painting. The weather app said the wind would move in around noon and cold weather would follow.
The last several days have been overcast, but fairly warm for this time of year. On Tuesday we took our indoor plants out on the deck to give them a few days of light and rain.
But this morning, the forecast sent me scurrying to the deck to bring in all the plants before the temps began to drop like a stone.
I had a meeting in Birmingham today. I decided to enter some of my stories in the Alabama Media Professionals contest and the meeting today was to wrap that up. Winners will be announced in the Spring.
On the way home, the front moved through and wind rocked my truck on the Interstate. When I pulled into our yard, parked, and headed inside to check on Jilda, the chimes on the porch sounded like Sunday in a small community with a lot of church bells.
I ran out for a while this evening to see my mom and tiny flecks of snow peppered the windshield of my truck. The clouds were moving off to the east and the sun looked like a giant lemon drop, just before it dipped below the horizon.
The weatherman says the sun will be back tomorrow, and that is good news, as far as I'm concerned.
I hope you all have a remarkable weekend. 


  1. Here in Wisconsin the temperature went up to 55 Farenheit yesterday. Some birds, like robins, have not migrated. Today we had some snow and the temperature finally dropped...

  2. It was 67 degrees here in Northern California today, but it is flirting with freezing tonight.

    We have had NO RAIN - so all this sunshine is not necessarily a good thing. Yeesh!

    Hope Jilda is feeling better.

  3. We still have no snow, but it has gotten colder. I'm thinking of Jilda and hoping she will be better soon.

  4. How is Jilda feeling? Happy weekend for both!

  5. Anonymous3:44 AM

    have a great weekend....hope Jilda is feeling better soon.

  6. Good luck with the contest!!

    Roll on spring! Hope you and Jilda are feeling better! Take care

  7. We got some snow here in Ohio finally and I am going sledding like back when I was 16. I hope I don't break any bones :)

  8. We were 79 degrees and partly cloudy today. Same ole same ole. We might have some rain this weekend! This really has our weathermen excited. I hope Jilda is feeling better.


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