Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter Sunset

One of our friends needed computer help today. Jilda had originally intended to go, but she ran out of steam today so I went alone.
I helped our friend solve a few problems that had been plaguing her for some time. 
I headed out after sunset and a few miles from our house, I saw a couple of photo ops I couldn't pass up, even though there were impatient drivers behind me. I simply pulled to the side of the road and waved them by.
The first picture is of a pond that looks almost like an infinity pool. 
The silhouette of trees against the evening sky, with reflections on the water is the stuff of impressionist paintings. 
Then a few miles down the road, I came across another vista that had my truck on the shoulder of the road.
Again someone was on my bumper and was frustrated with me.
I made a gesture to say I'm sorry, but I think the driver thought I was being obtuse.
I sat for a few moments before I shot this photograph with my iPhone, and I sat for a long while after I captured the image.
I was awestruck with the simple beauty of the evening sky. I also wondered if the drivers following me noticed the ever changing scene unfolding before our eyes.
I wondered what could be so important to miss something that literally took my breath away.
In the grand scheme of things, what could be more important than a gift of a winter sunset?


  1. Wow those are incredible pictures, Rick - especially the first! I'm so glad you took the time to enjoy such beauty - and to post them for us :)

  2. Glad you pulled over and too the pictures and shared them. Thank you.

  3. Those pictures look like miracles. sandie

  4. Beautiful shots! I find myself taking more and more pics of the nature that surrounds us. It may be boring to some but I find it comforting and also inspiring. Glad you were able to capture those moments in time.

  5. Some people need to slow down and enjoy the beauty around them.


  6. How absolutely breathtaking? Sometimes it's so great to look around and appreciate the amazing beauty surrounding us. Thanks so much for posting these. Took my breath away. Hope you're doing well. Liz

  7. Thank you for these. It reminds me that there is beauty all around. Maybe I should just look harder.

  8. Some people should just learn to calm down and chill!! Well done you for taking the time to enjoy these wonderful gifts of nature!!!

    Take care

  9. Anonymous5:48 AM

    No one looks any more Rick...they just want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. In a big rush to get nowhere as my husband would say.

  10. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Thank you for sharing your incredible sky with us ...nothing like the joy and peace that floods our soul as we look out over a sky and the sunset is as powerful with colors as your sunset was! Thanks

  11. Rick these are gorgeous shots! That first one especially is very beautiful. Nice job!

  12. You take great pictures, Rick. The sunsets where you live are beautiful.


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