Friday, December 06, 2013

Fun Day

Today's been a fun day. We took our guitars to Jordan's kindergarten class today and they were sooooo excited to see us.
Jordan's teacher invited the other four classes to join us so we had a room full of five-year-olds.  We sang Christmas songs. We had the best participation of any group we've ever played for. 
I hear Jilda at her computer tapping away so I know she's writing about the kids too, so I won't step on her topic.
After we finished at the school, she went with me to sign books and CDs at the local mall.
One of our good friends is a poet and she went with us to sign her new book too.
Normally the place would have been packed but we had torrential rain this afternoon with a chance of ice, so I'm thinking people decided to stay close to home.
We saw a bunch of old friends, met some new ones, and sold a few books and CDs. 
All in all, it was a fun day.
I shot this photo at sunset a few days ago. It didn't turn out as I expected so tonight as I was deleting photos I knew I wouldn't use off my phone, I almost deleted this one, but then I thought I'd see what Photoshop thought about it.
This is the result.


  1. Sounds like you had the best kind of day: new friends and old ones.

  2. Anonymous11:22 PM

    The leaves look like a bunch of ducklings--or is it just me that sees it that way?

  3. Good days make great memories!

  4. Sounds like a good day Rick. I like the Photoshop result in that pic. Did you get any ice at all or was it all rain?

  5. Yes, it sounds like a great day. :) It's fun to see happy kids, isn't it!

  6. Wishing you a happy weekend!

  7. that's an intriguing photo

  8. Nothing tames the savage beast - or five year old - like music and Christmas music especially guarantees awesome audience participation.

    I love when a day this good comes along. It leaves me feeling great for days afterward.

  9. hI Rick, thanks for visiting my blog I are finding your and Jilda's interesting reading.
    Christmas is for kids ...but hey some of us grownups are still kids ..... I just love Christmas and its memories.
    regards smc Australia

  10. Love that you and Jilda entertained for the kids. They must have been so excited. Love that photo.

  11. I like the photo...I think I need to learn how to use Photoshop!


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