Saturday, December 07, 2013

It's finally feeling like Christmas

The temps were in the 30s today with howling winds out of the north that made my feet feel like popsicles.
Christmas falls a little funny this year so today was the best day for our annual tree-fetching tradition. Jilda is like a Girl Scout because she NEVER leaves the house ill prepared, but today we waltzed out without her toboggan.
Her teeth chattering a little as we strolled among the trees. We'd hoped the tree farm had a white pine, but they only had spruce and cyprus, so we chose a six footer.
Once we found our tree, she stood by it while I fetched the digger-upper-guys.
Apparently everyone in Alabama decided to get a tree today too because the place was working alive with tree shoppers.
Most people wandered around with small hand saws and cut their own trees, but since we required "special assistance" we had to wait a while.
I stood there for a while at the office waiting for someone to help us. After about 20 minutes I heard my phone vibrating in my pocket, so I pulled it out, took off a glove, and punched the talk button.
I was Jilda and I could definitely hear her teeth chattering. "Forget the tree, I'm freezing." I started to abandon the tree and collect my frosty spouse when a young guy appeared with a shovel.
A short time later he'd dug up the tree, loaded it,  and we were on our way.
My old truck doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it has a heater that will melt the soles off your shoes.
I cranked that baby up until I smelled burning leather burning. By the time we got home, her lips were no longer purple and most of the icicles had melted from her eyebrows.
When we got home, we put on Christmas music and she decorated the great room with all our decorations that we've collected through the years.
It's finally feeling like Christmas.


  1. lol our temps yesterday was in the 30's, but the other end HOT.
    Iove your Santa hope you will post more photos of your decorations.

  2. Can't wait to see a picture of the tree Rick - will you be putting it on here once you get it decorated?

  3. Hey Keith, I will post a photo of the tree when we put it up. I should also do a post with all the Christmas trees we've planted through the years.

  4. I will definitely post more. By the way, Ms. AB Soup, one of my very first followers is from Australia.

  5. I hope the two of you had some hot chocolate while you decorated after that cold wait. When I lived in a house with my ex, we always had a real tree. Since I've been in this apartment, a real tree just isn't practical and I've missed them so much. We'll be putting up the artificial tree next weekend and have a little tree decorating party with my sister-in-law and niece. Pictures to come!

  6. I have my tree up, now I need to find the time to decorate it :)

    I am glad you were able to get your tree before you froze completely... :)

  7. Nice post. Christmas is my favorite holiday, although these days I prefer warmer temperatures. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I have a niece who is a blues singer in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Maybe you have heard of her: Debbie Bond.

  8. brrr that must have been cold- your post is inspiring me to get off my **** and go into the Christmas closet for our little trees and decorations. Even though we could cut a tree off our 10 acres I prefer to just bring out the trees every year!
    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog- cheers!

  9. ps I am your 500th follower! woo hoo!

  10. What a gorgeous Santa !!
    That sounds like a great trip you two had I bet the squirrels thought there were two new additions to the forest, hearing your teeth chatter lol
    Glad the trip was not wasted and you got your tree. :)

  11. So glad that Jilda was finally warmed after the adventurous trip to get your Christmas tree. I'm sure it is lovely. Merry Christmas to you and to Jilda.

  12. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Merry Christmas to both you and Jilda!!

  13. That is a lovely Santa! Warm greetings from Montreal.

  14. Christmas is a good feeling.


  15. What a pretty Santa!
    30 degrees doesn't sound that cold after a day of 19. : )
    We haven't gotten our tree yet, but hope to this week.

  16. Hi Rick, Thanks for visiting my (lazy!) blog. My husband was in the AF for 30 yrs. so of course we hit Alabama a few times for those year-long schools ---what a disruption for the kids. I enjoyed reading about your German friends as we also spent time there. Christmas in Germany is amazing! Don't know what to tell you about how to follow. I just add the person's blog to my blogroll, but Blogger's been making changes and it takes me forever to catch up, being very un-tech savvy . Merry Christmas to you and Jilda and I hope to see you around the blogosphere.

  17. I'm shivering just reading this. Poor Jilda. Sounds like your home is ready now.

  18. Oh my goodness, it made me cold just hearing about it!

    I love the Santa picture! :)

  19. Glad you were able to get your tree! Once the decorations go up, I think a little bit of the child in each of us pops out for a brief but pleasant visit during the Christmas season!


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