Thursday, December 05, 2013

Something old, something blue

I remember the day Sharky (Jilda's dad) bought this truck. It was used, but could have passed for new. It was blue as his Irish eyes, and when it idled, it was as quiet as a whisper.
He kept it for years, but after he passed away in 1993, it sat in his yard unused. Jilda's mom Ruby couldn't drive so she'd let us use the truck if we needed it, but she always wanted it returned to her yard. She couldn't bring herself to get rid of it.
Just before she died, she gave the truck to Jilda's brother who is a plumber and needed a bigger truck.
He drove it for years, until the cost of maintaining it exceeded the value of the truck so we parked it behind the barn.
That was over ten years ago. None of us seemed to want to part with the old truck. I guess one reason is that every day when we walk, it reminds us of her dad.


  1. My grandpa had a truck like that; it was a good sturdy truck. I believe it was a Chevy, that's the only kind of truck he would ever get. He drove that same truck for years and years before it finally gave out and he had to get a new one. Een now, three vehicles later, it's that red Chevy that I most closely associate with my grandpa.

  2. It all comes down to sweet memories of loved ones...the objects we hold close, valuable or not, give us a way to connect once more to those we love who are now gone! I have quite a few, and I wouldn't take any amount of money for them.

  3. I kept memories frommy grandmother for years.. it's nice to see something familiar...;-)

  4. Awe - - memories are great, We have some old old things that I like to hang on too as well.

  5. Even as those things rust away and all our inherited items gather dust, we remember the hands that touched them.

  6. Dear Rick, as Susan says in her comment, these things we keep and treasure remind us of "the hands that touched them." That is so true for all of us. And as I look around the room in which I type this comment, I see so many treasures that come from the love given me during my long life. Thank you for reminding me of this.

    I've been away on vacation and so have missed your blog. It's good to return to such a lovely posting as this one. Peace.

  7. I bought a new washing machine and it broke down and now we find it was discontinued so we have to wait for parts. It just seems things change too much and it is never good for the customer.
    Old cars and trucks I find are still better than the new ones they sell today.
    They are expensive gadgets you can't fix at home.
    Thats why I love the bikers who create and build their own machines. Also the mechanics who put together a nice car know what they are driving and how to fix it without computers.


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