Sunday, December 22, 2013

Safe from the storm

My prediction of a fitful night was on target.  We kept an eye on weather radar for most of the evening, but turned in around 10:30 p.m.
Around 1 a.m. I thought I heard a roaring sound, but apparently I was dreaming it, because when I stepped to the back deck, the sound was gone.  The wind out of the south still rustled the trees and tinkled the chimes like a tambourine, but there was no sign of nasty weather.
Then around 2:30 a.m. I heard the unmistakable sound of heavy rain on a metal roof. Thunder in the distance rumbled and strobes of lightning turned the night into day for an instant, but our lights never flickered....for that I was thankful.
I saw where it was bad in Arkansas and Mississippi. It also looked like Illinois and Ohio got hammered too. I hope all my blog buddies are safe.
This morning the sun came out for a while and I snapped this photo of our pansies in the container by the road.


  1. Glad your safe... I too hope everyone else is:-)

    I love the pansies... ;-)

  2. Anonymous11:57 PM

    What a beautiful picture--pansies are unbelievably hardy!!

  3. Oh my goodness!! Glad you and Jilda and the dogs and chickens and all else are ok! Wishing you a peaceful Christmas Mr Rick! And a fab New Year! Take care

  4. I'm glad you and Jilda are good. Stay safe and dry! I love the pansies..we won't see them here until April! We had tons of rain and wind, temps in the 60's...and even an "almost" chimney fire....but all is good today!

  5. I think we are getting the residuals from you guys and Chicago. It is good that you and Jilda did not leave home last night and are safe.
    Have a safe and happy Christmas. I will probably stop by before New Year.

  6. I'm glad that you are safe from the storm. We've had a huge snow storm on Tuesday and it's been freezing rain here since Saturday including today. Lots of people are without power but we are lucky we still have ours.

    My family has been stranded with other family members and friends so every one are OK. I'll be glad when they are all here safe and sound.

    We've had three funerals this week but only could go to two. My son in law's father passed away on PEI and should hopefully be back tomorrow.

    Wishing you and Jilda a joyful Christmas, health, peace, love and contentment.

  7. I mean , my son in law should be back with his family... not his father. ...May he rest in peace.

  8. Your pansies are pretty. We heard prediction of bad weather moving into Georgia and Florida, but it's warm and pleasant here.


  9. Lovely pansies! Hope you and Jilda have a wonderful peaceful Christmas!!

  10. Pretty flowers left in Illinois right now! The weather here was scary with rain, then ice, then snow, but now it has cleared a little, and the sun even came through today!

  11. Nice image. It is so peaceful and soothing. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I'm so glad nothing materialized for you and Jilda. Love the pansies!!


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