Thursday, December 12, 2013

They don't have an app for that

Yesterday morning when we walked outside on our way to Birmingham, frost as thick as icing on a cake covered everything in sight.
We were running a little late so I didn't take time to snap pictures. A woman who lives about a mile away has horses in a pasture in her front yard.
When we drove by, the sun had just risen above the horizon highlighting the blanket of frost, making the scene look almost as if it had been chromed.
The lady's horses were over near the fence and you could see puffs of breath that looked like smoke coming from their noses. It was a beautiful scene and I could kick myself for not stopping.
Jilda's treatments have been slowed to where they now take almost seven hours to complete. While she sat in the big green chair, I went to the cafeteria and finished my column for Sunday, and did some web work.
When we headed for home, we both were whupped. Even though it was late in the day when we drove into the driveway, we made a management decision to take a short nap. It seemed the right thing to do.
When I laid down, the sun slashed through the garden door on the back of the house and highlighted the mantle where Jilda's Christmas stocking hung.
I pulled the camera from my pocket and snapped this strange little photo. It wasn't the photo I would like to be posting tonight, but I couldn't transfer the image of the horses from my brain onto Blogger.
Looks like they'd have an app for that :)


  1. Sounds like a long day...the picture you took is lovely! You'll catch something better than the one you missed soon! Not to always seems to make the small losses up to us later! I believe everything happens for a reason. The picture you took will always hold the memory of the morning and the picture you's there in your memory!

  2. Great post, Rick. That is a long day for Jilda AND you with her infusion slowed down so much. I really love that picture you took-it has a moody look to it- xo Diana

  3. Anonymous9:33 AM

    There were 2 beautiful pictures in your head & 1 of them made it to your post!!

  4. What a long day for sure. So nice you can be together for the treatments. I bet those horses were beautiful.
    You know, there are untold riches for the person who could create that app!

  5. This photo is meaningful in many ways, so don't berate yourself for missing the horses. This one is better.

  6. That is a long day for you both. I wish you could have stopped for that picture but I've seen that scene before in places I've lived. Sad there is no app for that!

  7. That certainly was a long good that you could be together for Jilda's treatments though.

    Wow...this picture is absolutely stunning...more than compensates for missing the horses...:)

  8. Hi Rick,

    I've no doubt, good sir, that the essence of your thoughts was captured in your photo. I'm wishing for the both of you, a most peaceful, restful day. Of course, I've been to Birmingham and the accents are hard to understand. Yes sir, I'm talking about Birmingham, England.

    Gary :)


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