Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Strange weather

It's too warm here for December. I woke up in the night and kicked the cover off of me. Slipping out of bed, I stepped into the hall and switched the central unit to A/C, and bumped the setting down to 70 so the unit would kick on and cool the place off.
I woke up this morning and punched the brew button on the coffeemaker. 
I drew a glass of water from the tap and drank it while gazing through the south window at the sky.
 I stepped out onto the deck to get a feel for the weather. 
You can't get a true reading until you feel the wind on your face and a clear view of the sky.
The light was an eerie shade of purple, somewhere between mauve and violet. 
A breeze out of the southeast swirled leaves in a circle, and I could hear the wind chimes tinkling on the side porch.
This is common in spring, but it's rare in December. The last time I remember feeling turbulence like this in the air in December, we had tornadoes dancing across the south.
You'd think living here for over 60 years that I'd get used to strange weather, but I never have.
I shot this picture with my iPhone this morning.


  1. Anonymous9:26 PM

    I don't ever remember seeing a sky like that!!

  2. Either you live in a magical place...Or your iPhone just takes waaaay better pictures than my iPhone! Either way, I'm a little jealous!

  3. Beautiful picture! We have dense fog and cold misty rains. As long as things don't go crazy, I think I'd prefer your weather right now. Beautiful description of your view. It painted a vivid picture for me.

  4. Such lovely colors in the sky Rick, wow :)

  5. That does sound unusual. It is quite cold here (Pacific Northwest) 25 degrees this snow yet though. Lovely capture of your morning--in your words and that photo too!

  6. Hi thanks for stopping by my post.. the duster is called a static fiber duster. i got my two at the flea market but they have them on Amazon, i just checked.
    i love that photo above. and us to here in Florida... going in the 80's every day and our lows are in the high 60's... strange weather indeed....

  7. It's been strange weather here as well Rick. Very strange. 70 degrees yesterday and today. Snow and ice warnings for tomorrow.

  8. It's warm and humid. I was uncomfortable all night. It's not warm enough to turn on the AC and not cool enough to feel good.


  9. Oh you are so lucky!!! We have subzero (celsius) temperatures here in Vancouver and I'm just so very cold! I can't function too well when it's cold like this. Where is the happy medium?

  10. Gosh and its cold here in BC We have the arctic wind coming through.

  11. Warm here too. 50 when I walked and during the day it went up to 60!!
    The cold is coming back though.
    I love the feel of morning outside. It is one reason why I walk every morning. : )

  12. Rick our weather patterns are getting so unpredictable anymore. We're having summer weather here in FL too. I'm not complaining by any means but I was sweating on the beach today and it's going to get hotter over the next 5 days. Ho, ho, ho

  13. Your writing fills up spaces in my mind. Sorry it is so warm. Temp here is SoCa is finally down to 55-65. Praise the Lord.

  14. We have had 50's here past few days week before wind chills were single digit. Our weather seems to be to and fro in New England lately .
    Today the cold is filtering from the ice storms that were in the midwest.
    Love the purple conjouring you spoke of and the picture is gorgeous.


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