Sunday, December 07, 2014

Cool weather

I know when I say it was cold this morning, most of my friends from up north smile a little. I hear what they're saying, but temperature is relative.

I've heard them complain about it being hot up there during summer when it was 106 degrees here with humidity thick enough to sip with a straw.

To them, 39 degrees is not that cold, but to me 97 degrees is not that hot :)

My knees have been giving me a great deal of grief for the last few months, so I haven't gotten the exercise I need, but they are much better since my last visit to the bone doc. Today was kind of a test
so I put on my sweatshirt, pants, and gloves along with my walking boots and headed out. The dogs were thrilled but for me, not so much.

But after a few minutes, both Jilda and I fell into a rhythm and the brisk air felt good.

Last winter was brutal for us here. We had several snows which is rare for us, but the one in January was beautiful. Our old house and barn looked like Norman Rockwell paintings.

The government forecasters say this coming winter will be normal for the south, but the Farmers Almanac said it would be another cold one. I guess we'll see who has it right.


  1. It is hard to get out and exercise in the winter--even for me. Cold weather is tough on us all.

  2. I'm betting on the FA.

  3. I understand the relative temps. I always compare it to the guys I knew in Service and driving in snow. Anyone living south of the speaker CANNOT DRIVE in snow. I came to the conclusion the only ones that could drive in snow were Eskimos or folks at the North Pole.
    Good entry. We are a little chilly here in central Florida in the 50's. Always a good read.

  4. If you can apply a little heat to your knees first thing when you get up, it will help for the rest of the day... a trick I've been using for a few years now. When it's really cold I sleep in lightweight gloves and put a little icy hot on the most painful joints.
    Doesn't matter where you live, if your joints say it's cold, it's cold!

  5. Aw my knees also react to dampness and bc is always damp.
    Some days it is very good though so go figure.

  6. Yeah during the winter months it is hard to feel like doing anything even getting out of bed at times seems too much work

  7. It's 53 degrees, early in the evening. We didn't get above 60 yesterday. It's chilly for us, but not uncomfortable--at least not for me. I know the natives suffer.


  8. Winter can be beautiful and brutal at the same matter where you are! It seems lately that the weather trends from the past are changing in the present and seem unusual to most of us warming? I don't know, but I sure wish we had a way of knowing which way to head these days when looking for better weather.

  9. You are absolutely right. It is all relative. Summers here in Texas are HOT and when the temperature goes below 50, we are pulling on coats. I hope the almanac is wrong, but I wouldn't mind if we got a little snow. Last winter was hard.

  10. This makes me smile, Rick. Even after 10+ years living in the "Valley of the Sun", I'll never get used to folks calling 100+ temps 'warm.' (Only after 110 is one permitted to say, 'hot.') I love, love Winter in the Deep South ... perhaps someday I'll experience it for more than a few days at a time.
    Hope your knees get some welcome relief real soon!

    PS - It pains me a bit to say it (lol), but congrats on a great Iron Bowl win!


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