Friday, December 05, 2014

Peach sunset

The rain's moving in, but you couldn't tell it by the sky at sunset. We kept our great nephew Joran this afternoon. His family was working late and I got off at noon so I swung by and picked him up after school.

He and I spent the evening outside. At one moment, the sky would be total overcast and the next the clouds would break up and let the sun peep through.

We spent a lot of time describing the sky. "The sky is black," he said as matter of fact. "Would you call it black?" I asked. He thought for a long time and said "I think so."

I pulled out my phone and asked it to show examples of the color black. When I held the pictures against the sky, he agreed that the sky wasn't black."

I punch in a few keys and the screen showed various shades of grey and slate.  When I held the phone against the sky, he jumped with knowing. "The sky is slate, the sky is slate," he said.

When I looked at the phone, I had to agree.

When the clouds burned off just after sunset, the clouds were putting on a show, again I asked the color of the sky.

After several queries on my phone, he started hopping again. "Peach, the sky is peach."

One look at the clouds to the west and I knew he'd nailed it.


  1. I'm still trying to figure how to answer the question "Why is the sky blue" and now it is peach?

  2. I love the peach sunset color sky ^^

  3. Anonymous11:29 PM

    You & Jordan really seem to enjoy each other!!

  4. The kid is definitely gonna have some great memories of his Great Uncle. NICE! Love the sky!

  5. He is so lucky to have you to teach him things like this.

  6. He certainly did...pretty!


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