Sunday, December 21, 2014


Tomorrow should be a fun day. It's been years since my last root canal and to be honest I've missed it.
Sick? Twisted? Maybe.

There are things we inherit from our parents. My dad's side of the family offered good teeth and hair after 60, but the DNA on my mom's side of the family had different features.

My older and younger brothers took after my dad, but I was the middle child and I took after my mom.

All her people were bald by their mid 30s and many of them had teeth they kept in a jar on night stands while they slept.

When Uncle Sam called me into the service, I danced through all the testing, scoring high in most categories, but when they looked in my mouth they fretted.

As a result, in advanced training and the first six months in Panama, I went to the dentist three times a week.

They trained half the dentists on the Eastern Seaboard on my teeth.

I was always freaked by needles as big as bicycle pumps going into my mouth, but after a few weeks of routine visits with Army dentists......I somehow hyped my brain into believing that I enjoyed going to the dentist.

Woo Hoo! I love the smell of Novocain in the morning.

So, in the morning I'll get my coffee down early and head out so that I'm in the dental office by 8 a.m. I have no appointment, so they'll have to work me in. I'm praying that most people have decided to forego dental work until after the New Year and I can 'get 'er done' first thing in the morning but we'll see.  I can barely contain my excitement.


  1. Well, with a good attitude like yours it should be a breeze! (I'm helping you out here!) Good luck....I'll look forward to the post op post on this adventure! Hope your weekend was great!

  2. I've had several...they're not that bad.

  3. Ok, I lied, they suck...a little bit anyway.

  4. I am smiling, I went to a dentist after the military and he looked in my mouth ans said, "Navy mouth, Right?"
    Seems many a dentist got his training on OUR teeth. Hope all goes well (The needles are a lot smaller these days!) Wishing you the Best. MERRY CHRISTMAS! No humbug you, I know!

  5. I hate to say this, but enjoy your trip to the dentist's office! I have to make an appointment this morning...and I can say I'm not nearly as cheerful about it as you!

  6. Oooooowwww, poor Rick! I hate dental visits.

    Mini miracle: Once my dentist said he saw something in between my teeth and announced, "It is right at the gum line - you'll need a root canal; may two."

    I scheduled the visit to have the work done and told my friends to pray it was only one - or better yet: NONE!

    After stopping at the bank to pull out a large co pay, I went to the appointment. The first thing they did was re-do the xray. Apparently standard procedure. As I lay back in the chair, he kept looking at the original and the new one, with a puzzled look on his face.

    "This has never, ever happened before - I swear. The first x-ray definitely shows a gumline cavity. The second x-ray shows...nothing." He continued to have a puzzled look.

    Whoo-hoo! I left without any service and picked up my big ole' co-pay on the way out and I have never had a root canal or "work" on my teeth since my wisdom teeth were removed when I was about 22.

  7. lol I remember the butcher I went to who used a hammer and chisel to break my wisdom tooth
    I was climbing walls from the pain when the freezing came out for a week. Hell, I think, would have been nicer and he did nothing for me for the pain.
    So next time I went to what turned out to be an army doctor. He saw me shaking and after the story I told him he was soo good and gentle I never had any pain no matter what he did.
    No one believes me when I tell them the torture one has to go through when someone does a butcher job on you.It's just an unbelievable story.

  8. Good Luck to you is all I have to say.
    I hope that you are all better for Christmas.

  9. I hope you're home and not suffering too much.


  10. I do not like the dentist and only go when I really have too but at least I go my youngest daughter will not go she had a breakdown the last time I took her in the waiting room and it only got worse when she got into the chair and that was just to check what needed to be done, needless to say she didn't go back for the work to be done

  11. Be prepared Rick, when you get your bill, you'll think that they are charging you for a jewel crown for a king's head.
    Good luck with this. I hate going to the dentist and I hate to pay those ridiculous prices.

  12. Hope it all went well!


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