Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The water

You can probably tell by flipping back through my posts from the past, that I'm fond of water.

Many of the major rivers in this country, flow through Alabama at one point or another. We're blessed with an abundance of creeks, lakes, ponds, and deep-green rivers. 

My dad bought a small lot on the Sipsey Fork of the Warrior River in the late 1950s. I helped him build a small two-room cabin on the water. And I spent most of the summers during my high-school years at that cabin.

We had a small jon boat with a 10 hp Evenrude motor and I could drive a boat before I learned to drive a car...and I learned to drive a car young.

I learned to waterski in one lesson and got up on the skis the first time.

So, as you might imagine, I'm drawn to water. 

When I need to think, I'll often go somewhere close to water's edge and sit. Sometimes I don't figure out my dilemma, but I don't consider the time wasted.

A few weeks ago when I took the long way home, I passed by the scene below.  There was a car on my tail and I started to drive on, but I felt like the moment was too important, so I pulled to the side of the road and waved the tailgater around. 

I then slowly backed up and sat for a long moment. I'm glad I had the good sense to snap a picture before heading home for supper.


  1. Smart move! The view is fantastic....it's good to take the time to smell the roses..or see the beauty in the water!

  2. This picture is gorgeous Rick... well worth backing up for ;)

  3. I always enjoy the tales of youth. Some parallel and some were different. I too am drawn to water and some of the best moments on our 1800 mile hike were camping by a mountain miles from civilization.
    I am so glad you got the picture. Imma thinking you have a lot of photographer inside your head.

  4. Great picture...well worth the stop! Thanks so much for sharing this little piece of serenity!

  5. You must have been young for a 10 HP Evenrude to pull you up.

    Nice remembrance! I am often drawn to water also.

  6. Glad you stopped. That is a nice shot!

  7. There's something very special about indulging in the moments that draw you in. Whether you experience insight, feel an emotion, capture a memory or just feel one with the world, those moments are when we feel fully alive. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Anonymous11:24 AM

    I go into a sort of withdrawal when I am away from a large body of water for too long!!

  9. Dear Rick, like you, I'm drawn to water. From the time I was 6 to when I left home at 22, I lived on a farm with a wide creek running through it. Until I was 16 and had to go to work each summer, I'd spend my summer days down by the creek--reading, musing, praying, and listening to the water and the insects and the wind caressing the tree leaves. A halcyon time of my life. Peace.

  10. We spent a few days almost every summer staying in my aunt's cabin on a lake in Minnesota. I loved it there, except for the outhouse.


  11. Terrific shot of a fantastic scene. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I also am fond of water but it often isn't fond of me I get seasick a lot which is really annoying


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