Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Watson Family Christmas Tree

Wednesday is now an off day both Jilda and me, so we hit the ground running today. We have a lot of Christmas stuff on our list and the Charlie Brown Christmas clock on the wall says, tick tock.

We'd planned to head to Mr. Frye's Christmas Tree farm today for our tree, but a call during coffee delivered the unexpected news that he's not selling trees this year.

Plan "B" on acquiring a tree was a little fuzzy, so we went through the list of other things we could do. Then Jilda had a great idea, "Why don't you dig up the tree we planted last year."

I rolled that over in my mind a time or two and realized that it wasn't a bad idea.  At 9 a.m. there was still frost on the pumpkins....well, had we had pumpkins there would have been frost on them, so I cocoon'd up in long-handles, sweatshirt, and boots. I then headed out to feed chickens and survey the tree.

It seemed quite happy there. It was fuller than last year, and I think it has grown a few inches taller, so I proclaimed to anyone in earshot that was lucid at that hour, that it was a perfect Watson Family Christmas Tree.

Taking the sharpshooter shovel from the shed, and donning my work gloves, I went to work loosening the soil around the roots.

Soon, I was able to lift the little tree out and put it into the wheel barrow. Moving it to the back steps, I hoisted it from the wheel barrow into a  #3.

There was a lot of decorating to do before the tree came in, so I staged it out back and waited further instructions from the boss lady.

Jilda spent most of the day doing her magic on our little home. The cabinet by the entryway held candles, candy, and an antique snow globe that was made when Jimmy Carter was in the White House. In the bathrooms she used Santa figurines she'd bought earlier this year. The living room mantel held our Christmas stockings, and a couple of Christmas pieces we've had for years.

During the decorating, we listened to December, which is our favorite Christmas music. It's solo piano played by George Winston. We've had the music in one form or the other since 1982. We bought it first in vinyl, then CD and later we downloaded it to play on our phones when that technology matured.

Tomorrow we'll move the tree inside and on Friday, our great nephew Jordan will be here to help trim the tree and put the finishing touches on the decor.


  1. Methinks taht was a great idea of Jilda's. Good you have the tools (and will) to do it. enjoyed the entry. Christmas is looking good on you!

  2. I have occasional back issues courtesy of digging out and transporting a Christmas tree from a farm 30 years ago. Damn thing died in the spring anyway. Apparently you know what you are doing...always a good thing.

  3. I once went to dig up an old Christmas tree that had been growing in our backyard for a couple of years only to find a few ornaments on it that had braved the elements.

  4. Wow! That's a lot of work! I'm sure the tree will tun out lovely. I love George Winston's "December" too. Have a good one!


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