Saturday, April 29, 2017


Jilda and I normally don't eat a big breakfast. We most often eat cereal or one of her special protein shakes. Since this was a "lay sorry" weekend with no commitments, she decided to do biscuits, bacon, and eggs. She didn't have to twist my arm.

The scent of baking bacon (yes she cooks ours in the oven) drew me to the kitchen like the Sirens in Homer's Odyssey.

When she put the plate down on the table, I closed my eyes and let the aroma find it's way through neural pathways to my childhood. My mama cooked breakfast every morning. Most often it was eggs, biscuits, grits, and some kind of meat.

While Jilda fixed her plate, I snapped a picture.

The only other thing of significance I did today was to upgrade Jilda's phone. The weak-hearted would have shied away from an upgrade, but Jilda's phone was getting to the point that it would soon be going downhill. It took several hours, but she now is up and running. You'll have to check out her blog to see the first picture she shot with it.

Transformation Information.


  1. I love breakfast anytime of day, you can't go wrong even with breakfast for supper.

  2. We aren't breakfast eaters either. Or not for breakfast. But aren't those nostalgic scents incredible.

  3. Jack is the bacon maker here and we've done it in the oven too..always comes out great! I love breakfast but like you guys it's usually something quick during my morning break when I'm working. Biscuits and gravy are big around these parts. I'd never heard of it until I moved here. I much prefer just the biscuits! (with some jam please!) Hope the rest of your weekend is good.

  4. Everyone deserves a breakfast like that once in awhile. Breakfast is often for dinner here.

  5. It looks very good, especially with fresh biscuits. I'll take butter and jam with mine.
    I hope your Sunday is as nice as mine. Clear sunny blue sky.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. I love a big country breakfast. It's a treat we indulge in, every now and then.

  7. Yum. I'm coming over for breakfast.

  8. Yup! Love that comparison to Homer's sirens.
    I've never thought of baking bacon, but we enJOY a hearty breakfast most any time of the day.

  9. There are souls who cannot imagine a breakfast to match that fantastic breakfast, EVERY MORNING. It looks delicious. My mama too, fixed eggs, biscuits, gravy and a meat 99% of mornings. Sherry did the same for us until the boys left HS, now we do it maybe once a month. BUT you sure know how to yank a memory from the back to the front! Good for you and Good on Jilda!

  10. Anonymous1:50 PM

    OMG, save some for me!!

  11. That looks like a hearty breakfast.

  12. I love a cooked breakfast don't have it very often and it is better if I don't have to cook it


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