Sunday, April 30, 2017

Geese and Sunday stuff

When we looked at the forecast last night before turning in, the weatherman said we could have rough weather this evening.  We had a few more yard plants to buy for the yard and a few other chores. We discussed the plan over coffee on our back deck.  

The wind out of the west was restless and the trees swayed like toddlers taking the first steps. We left the back door open so that we could hear the morning music playing on our stereo.

Just before we headed inside, I heard a honking sound coming from behind us. In a moment I knew it was a flock of geese that has decided to make Empire their temporary home. There are ponds and strip pits all around us and the Mulberry River is just about close enough to hit it with a rock with my slingshot so they have plenty of water nearby.

I leaned my head back on the Adirondack chair on the deck and waited for them to fly over the house.
They honked their greetings as they flew toward the pond behind the barn.

I'm not sure they will stay the summer because it will be getting toasty soon. But I plan to enjoy them while they're here.


  1. Lucky, lucky you.
    To see and hear geese fly is a rare treat for me. Too rare.

  2. This is a blessing for sure Rick, enjoy them while they are there.

  3. Very interesting and special birds...unless you play golf and have to watch your step. Goose grease is nasty and plentiful when geese are around.

  4. Those geese are so pretty but they can be aggressive when nesting. They attack people as I saw on Youtube and they are big. I would advise not feeding them or you will have a big messy problem on your hands..
    Hugs, Julia.

  5. What a great way to start your day ! Hope you had a great weekend and enjoy the new week ahead !

  6. Seeing these birds flying overhead always fills me with joy.

  7. I am hearing Lorne Greene sing that Christmas song.."The goose is getting fat." Hahahaaa Sorry for the dark humour. On our one busy street, my friend and I were having a coffee at tim Horton's and we saw all these cars stop. No one was honking their horn and when we looked to see why they stopped, we saw geese crossing the double-lane street. We laughed and later, we saw the goose crossing sign:)

  8. I love to watch them too. The ball field at he high school up the road will have hundreds flock it in the mornings. I can emagine the football players have to dodge more than tackles.


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