Thursday, April 13, 2017


After work today I ran by the Forks to get the fishing report. People were catching a few crappie, and a skipjack or two but none of the hybrid bass that comes up river toward the headwaters to spawn. There's something about the Forks where the muddy Mulberry meets the Black Warrior that draws those big fish like moths to a streetlight. People have caught monsters standing on the banks here.

Today, there were lines in the water, but it wasn't the lure of catching a fish that attracted the fishermen – it was a chance to sit in the springtime sun filled with riverbliss (don't try looking it up because it's not really a word – I just made it up.) But if you ever spent a few minutes here you would know what it feels like.

I snapped a few pictures (my way of fishing) and stood for a while letting the riverbliss seep deep into my bones.

As I stepped back into my truck, I felt a little taller.


  1. What a gorgeous photo..looks like a painting! I would want to be there every day! Have a wonderful Friday Rick!

  2. It does look like a painting.

    I'm almost certain that Riverbliss is a word.

  3. Very nice Rick, I can relate to riverbliss, there is nothing like being out next to the water casting a line, I really don't care if I catch anything, I just love being there.

  4. This picture looks like a beautiful Dutch painting. What a nice way to spend the day...if you like fishing:)

    1. Oh....did I do the right thing about adding your newsletter???

  5. Rick that is the BEST photo of riverbliss. Beautiful.

  6. Water, moving or still, is an incredible benison. And Riverbliss is the perfect description.

  7. Well, riverbliss is now a word. I just added it to my dictionary, lol...
    Blissful picture.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. I love sitting on the bank of a river with a tree to lean back on and a line in the water. I never catch anything but that doesn't matter. Riverbliss is a perfect word to describe it.

  9. That does look like a picture of paradise. I'm so craving sunshine.


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