Friday, April 21, 2017

Feet don't fail me

I've never given much thought to feet and knees. When I was younger and long before bicycles, cars, trains and airplanes they were my mode of transportation. 

After I was drafted, the Army took feet seriously. I read in one of the manuals that a soldier could be court-martialed for neglecting his feet. Apparently, they knew something I didn't understand – which was that your feet and knees are important.

One of my duties while in the Army in Panama was walking through swamps in the jungle to ensure thieves didn't dig up the communication cables, cut them into small lengths, and sell them for the copper. Apparently copper brought a big price even then.

So three days a week, I caught a train that wound through the jungle next to the canal, and I got off in no-mans land. I then had to walk what seemed like 20 miles to ensure there was no one out there digging up cable.

The duty didn't bother me because I loved the outdoors. During my walks, I saw exotic birds, monkeys, and gator sized Iguanas. 

During those walks, my feet got wet and stayed wet for hours until I reached the end of my tour. Once I got on the train and headed for home, I always pulled my boots off. The Panamanian passengers gave me a lot of room. I didn't think my feet stank, but I'm sure they did. Rather that be a rude American soldier, I made my way to the platform on the back of the train, removed my boots, and dangled my feet off the back.  By the time I made it to my station, my boots and feet were dry. 

I did get some kind of fungus and ridding my feet of that was not easy.

This is probably way more information that you needed on this Friday night, but I have a point I promise.

A few years ago, my knees began to give me problems. They are OK most of the time, but when I spend too much time on concrete, they hurt. So these days, I finally understand what Uncle Sam was saying back in 1971. Take care of your feet and legs.


  1. Oh yes I agree with you, after forty years with T1 Diabetes I learned a long time ago about foot care.

  2. What does a single soldier in the middle of a swamp do when he finds someone stealing the cable? Sounds like a dangerous assignment to me.

  3. Your story reminds us that one of the best things to send a soldier is extra socks. They can always use them.

  4. Yep, the two branches on their feet is the Army and USMC. I had the same lectures and info about feet. And it is a fact we traveled on our feet.
    I was young, and knew how to follow orders. There was no question in my mind. Actually most men did learn.
    I have been fortunate. ;-)

  5. True words for sure! Love the special effects in your picture !

  6. Yep, our feet and knees are very important and we realize it more when we get old .
    You would have needed hip waders to walk in the swamp. I bet you're glad you don't have to do that job anymore...
    Hugs, Julia

  7. I agree; feet are important. I was beginning to experience nerve pain in my feet but now that I've lost so much weight and reversed my diabetes I'm not experiencing any problems.

  8. After standing for over 40yrs on cement floors and tripping many times in the operating room I gave my knees a beating and paid the price 2yrs ago when I had them replaced. Now my feet are giving me a little trouble. I hope to be retired before they go completely bad because you can't get another pair of those!

  9. Yeah usually when we are young we don't think that a time may come when our feet and knees will let us down and cause so much pain


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