Thursday, April 20, 2017

Diversity Day

The college celebrated Diversity Day today. The coordinator asked me last week if I'd consider manning the Non-Traditional student booth. When I asked what non-traditional meant, she cleared her throat and said "older students."

Now there was something I could wrap my head around. This picture doesn't show it but I decorated my booth like a front porch. There's a rocking chair just to the right, I have a wooden screen behind me, and a bucket of candy in a blue speckled roasting pan. I covered the quilt with a quilt. All the things decorating my booth were antiques. The rocking chair was over a hundred years old. The cooker was probably that old as well. We've had the quilt forever, and of course, I'm 66 :)

My pitch for visitors is that just because we're older (non-traditional) students doesn't mean we plan to spend our lives on the front porch. We're going back to school, learning new things, and getting great jobs.

It was fun spending lunch hour out in the fresh air in the college courtyard. It did get toasty toward the end but I passed out a ton of posters, notebooks, and candy.

Maybe we'll get a few older students come into the program. Who knows.


  1. That sounds like a day well spent. I hope you get lots of interest in this project. You're never too old to learn new thing and it's more fun than sitting in that old rocking chair. I like how you decorated your booth.
    Hugs, ,Julia

  2. I'm smiling, I have been one of the non-traditional dudes several times. LOL Good on you!

  3. You are so innovative. That was a wonderful and fun booth and I hope it brings in a lot of students.

  4. Sounds like a thoughtful place to rest.
    Hopefully, if (ahem)older folks weren't in attendance, their grands will pass along the good word.

  5. Could not do school at my age, but the porch sounds delightful.

  6. Hooray for non-traditionalists. Perhaps not all of them, but most of them.

  7. Anonymous9:04 AM

    You're never too old (or too smart) to learn!!

  8. Very cool way to set up the booth, as for myself I wouldn't want to go back to school but with a booth like this I would have been interested.

  9. You look like the perfect pitchman.

  10. We've had a few older nursing students lately and I find that they seem a bit embarrassed or feel they have to explain why they are in school now. I always tell them that it's never too late to continue to learn. We're going to turn older anyway and we might as well turn older being a nurse, doctor, or Indian Chief if that's what you want to do. You're booth sounds so cute too! Congrats on a good job!


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