Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Field of mushrooms

The temps were brutal today. I'm sure our friend Bob Miller who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, would chuckle reading this because it was 113 degrees.

The rain this that moved through at the end of last week, turned the farm into a field of mushrooms. Most of them only last a matter of hours.

I'm glad I caught this one.


  1. That mushroom is a bright one! So pretty but I'm sure "so poisonous" is also true! I hope you're feeling better today. Sorry you had to get a shot but it's best these days to not put off seeing a Doc when you're not feeling good.Take care Rick.

  2. That qualifies as brutal in my book.
    Love the shroom and hope you are feeling much better today. And tomorrow.

  3. We're cooling down to 110 today.

  4. What an eye catching mushroom. We only get the white, brown or tan ones. The air feel cooler and dryer to day so far. A nice break from humidity. Hope you're feeling better today.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. We usually have them too, but lately it's been pretty dry here so none so far.

  6. This mushroom looks so beautiful but must be deadly.


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