Sunday, July 12, 2020

Under the weather

In year's past, summer was my favorite month. I worked and played hard. In the last several years, that philosophy caught up with me.

Yesterday, I did several projects. I thought I'd spread them out and cooled off enough before doing the next project. I was wrong.

Today, I feel as though I've gone through a wringer washing machine. I've hydrated all day, but I still don't feel like running a race.

Below was the start of one of my projects. I scraped off flaking paint. I think it was replacing the mailbox post yesterday evening when the temps were in the mid-90s with high humidity.

Today, I've laid low. Jilda has given me a hard time today and rightfully so.


  1. Take care. Heat and high humidity are hard on a body.

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon. The heat and humidity will suck the life out of you! I'm betting that chair will look fabulous when it's done..I hope you take a nice pic of it and share it here! Take care and hydrate!

  3. Don't mess yourself up for a dumb chair.

  4. Take it easy.... Love your project. Those chairs are VERY comfortable, right next to a rocking chair. Amazing they are still around.
    Breath deep, wait, life will catch up!
    Take care,
    Sherry & jack over in NC

  5. Hope you feel better soon. Old paint probably contains lead paint. the old chair will look beautiful once repainted. High humidity sucks the life out of me. I rest often and drink plenty of cold water when I work outside.
    Hugs Julia

  6. The heat does tend to take a tole on us. Be careful my friend and stay cool. Drink plenty of water and be safe.

  7. I love the high temps but the humidity is the hard part. Its winter here and I am not happy in the cold weather. We have high temps in summer here in Sth Aus but thankfully very low humidity. Take it easy and keep the fluids up - I'm sure you know what to do!!


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