Saturday, July 11, 2020

More butterfly action

I know I've posted a lot of butterfly pictures lately, but I can't help myself. This Eastern Tiger Swallowtail looks like the one that Ol' Hook almost ate a  few weeks ago.

Our niece Samantha comes over each evening and brings Todd (the pup I rescued a few months ago) to let him play with Kodak. They run until they drop from exhaustion in the back yard.

This evening while we were there, this butterfly flitted by and almost landed on the bill of my cap. When the dogs came closer, it flew over to sip nectar from the purple butterfly by the steps. Seeing this baby was a gift.

Tomorrow, my nephew Haven is coming up to install a pump in the well at the barn. I've been meaning to put a well in that pump for 20 years. A few months ago, I bought a pump and a tank.

Hopefully, I'll have water in the honey house tomorrow afternoon.

I hope your weekend has been grand.


  1. Watching the two dogs playing must have made everyone happy. The hew well should make life easier for you.

  2. Too many butterflies are barely enough.
    And hooray for water too.

  3. Sadly I have not seen many butterflies this year like usual but my butterfly bush is full of bloom.

  4. Butterflies are such a joy I would never tire of watching them. It'll be great to havae water out there in your workshop. You're lucky to have a well out there.

  5. 20 years? I procrastinate but that is a winner. But I do understand, NOW there is a real reason for it. It is nice to have the well available and just need a pump and tank.
    Amazing how trouble free a well pump can be, but when they act up I have never been able to do much with them. We do not have one now, but wish we did. Sherry keeps saying our coffee has a medicine like taste with our city water here in NC.

  6. That is a lovely photo of the butterfly. Would love to see a photo of the pups playing.


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